Winner of the NieR:Re[in]carnation Content Creator Competition! (2021Aug)

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This game is a Non-Commercial Derivative Work, produced for the Nier:Re[in]carnation Content Creator Competition (August 2021) hosted by Square Enix.  Please refer to TERMS.txt or the website listed below for more information. This game, and all related content, is unofficial and non-canon. This game is, and always will be, free.

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WebGL Notice:

The WebGL version of this game is lower in quality (both in audio and visual), but is playable directly in your browser! However, if possible, it is still recommended you play the full and downloadable versions of the game, available below. For the full list of known issues regarding the WebGL version, check under 'Installation Instructions'.
Do NOT play this game on a mobile device.

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An Unofficial Derivative Game By A Human
Based On A Game Series By Humans
About Monsters And Machines Who Think They Are Human
To Promote A Game About Humans And Machines And Monsters
Inside A Machine Held By Humans

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You were a special Machine. You are capable of making Yes/No choices. Now, after an unknown amount of time, you are reconnected to the Machine Network to once again make decisions, the outcomes of which will shape the path your kind walks, so think very, very, very hard about your choices, if you can.

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This game was made in 3 weeks from start to finish as an entry into the NieR:Re[in]carnation Content Creator competition. As such, it is sure to be a little rough around the edges here and there, so let me know if you find any crazy bugs! I am super thankful I was able to make this absolute labour of love for the competition, so please go support their new game by joining their Discord below!

Thank-you to everyone who plays this game, and a special thanks to Yoko Taro and the NieR production teams; your works have been both a delight and an inspiration, and it was truly a pleasure to create this content! ^,,^ Additional shout-out to the team at Applibot for supporting this project so strongly after winning their competition~ <3

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- NieR:Re[in]carnation:
- NieR:Re[in]carnation Discord:
- Guidelines for Derivative Works:

Install instructions

Windows 10:

1) Download and unzip ''.
2) Open 'NieRCogito_vX'.
3) Run 'NieRCogito.exe'.


1) Download and unzip ''.
2) Do the Linux stuff to make it work haha.
I'm sorry I have no clue but I have had someone confirm it works~


1) Download and unzip ''.
2) Run ''.


- 'TERMS.txt' contains the terms and conditions of the game as a derivative work produced for the NieR:Re[in]carnation Content Creator competition (August 2021).

- 'CONTENT.txt' contains a list of content warnings for the game. I apologise if I have missed anything! If there are any important CWs I have missed, send me a message and I will try to update the list. :)

- The fonts used are available within the folder, and can also be found at:
DM Sans:

- The audio generator used (jsfx) is available at:


- Sync Timing: When the browser is minimised or otherwise not in-focus (changing tabs), sync issues may occur during in-game timed events. While there are many intentional stalls, if you believe the game is stalled and you have, at one point during this play-through, minimised the game, we recommend refreshing the page. This issue can be avoided by playing in Full-Screen and not closing the game.

- Resolution Ratios: This game was made to be played on a 16:9 ratio screen. WebGL full-screen may cause the game to stretch strangely if your screen is not 16:9. Most of the game is set-up properly to correct this, however there are definitely some sizing issues at incorrect ratios at some points that can not currently be addressed.

- Audio Peaking: WebGL runs audio differently. I have tried my best to substitute new audio files where I have noticed errors, however it is very possible I have missed some.

- Save Data: At this point, save data should work just fine, however there may be many possible issues depending on your browser or add-ons surrounding save data. We apologise if your data is not saved properly, as there is very little we can do at this time, however we hope this will not be an issue.

- Mobile Gaming: You TECHNICALLY can play this game on your mobile device, however I would STRONGLY recommend against it. Not only will it run poorly, but the processing required to run the game is not stable on most mobile devices. We (both Silver Stitch Productions and are not liable for any issues or damages caused by running this program on a mobile device.


NieR:Cogito - Main Game - Win10 - v1.3 51 MB
NieR:Cogito - Main Game - Linux - v1.3 69 MB
NieR:Cogito - Main Game - macOS - v1.3 63 MB
TERMS.txt - Terms and Conditions 1 kB
CONTENT.txt - Content Warnings 1 kB

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